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To start your own business and be a reseller with us. There are a few key points we need to mention. A reseller is someone who acquires a certain amount of credit to sell IPTV accounts to a third party. So, why does a reseller need those credits? In order to get great discounts
from our services and earn more than 100% profit when selling IPTV accounts.

For instance: A client buys a one-year IPTV service which costs 89 USD. As a reseller, you can buy from us one year 12 credits which will cost (20 USD), and sell it for the price of 89 USD or as you wish (better benefit).

In conclusion in this example, 12 credits are for one year and each credit is only 1.7 USD. Now, how can you be one of our resellers? Answer: You should have at least 510 USD to start your own business under your own Panel.

Order For New IPTV Panel + Credits

300 credits


500 credits


700 credits


900 credits


1500 credits


2400 credits


100 credits


200 credits


400 credits


740 credits


1550 credits


2400 credits


TV Plus Stream White Logo


Becoming a reseller allows you to start selling the same day you start your reseller business. You’ll be able to set your own margins. This type of business model gives you a better chance to earn more than 100% profit. At TV PLUS STREAM, we provide our resellers with all the support they require to start earring

You will be able to create and sell IPTV subscriptions on your own panel. An IPTV Panel is a software-based web entrance. any person who wants to become a Reseller can use their Reseller username and password to login into this software.
After logging in successfully you can create accounts for different devices and deal
with clients through it.

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